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The brave bartender is back… sort of.

When The Originals released the first promo for its upcoming fourth season, there was one face fans were especially shocked to see: Cami O’Connell sitting next to Klaus. Now, just to clarify: Cami died during the show’s third season, and considering that Klaus has been imprisoned for five years when season 4 picks up, there’s a good chance he’s simply imagining her. But for fans of Klaus and Cami, does it really matter?

“It’s pretty clear that Cami was someone who had a massive impact on the entire show and our entire cast of characters but in particular, Klaus,” showrunner Michael Narducci tells EW. “I am positive that the words that she shared with him before she died were echoing in his mind as he went through that trial, as he was stabbed by Marcel, and while he has been tormented and incarcerated for the past five years.”

And even though the show picks up five years after Klaus’ sacrifice, fans can bet that the characters are still dealing with what happened during that time. As Narducci puts it, “[Klaus] felt every moment of that five years, in terms of the solitude and the pain and being ripped away, not only from his family, but his daughter. Coming out of that, he’s going to struggle a bit, and we will see some of that struggle. We’ll also get a sense of how he managed to endure and what was going on psychologically with him in his mind for all that time.”

There’s a good chance that Cami’s return has everything to do with “what was going on psychologically” with Klaus during those years. “It gets into the question of once someone comes into your life and influences you in that kind of way, are they ever really separate from you or are they always a part of you?” Narducci says. “I think the show definitely answers that question.”


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Our beloved Leah has written an excerpt in the article entitled ‘Pilot Season 2017: Television is Changing (Talent Manager and Clients Perspective)’ written by Brian Medavoy.

Last season, I felt like a recently divorced, desperate, middle aged woman and I treated every audition like a date with George Clooney. Spoiler alert: Clooney is not interested in middle aged women.

If I walk into a room asking for approval, I’ve immediately shot myself in the foot. I’ve given away my power by putting my self-worth into someone else’s hands. And I’m completely disconnected from my creativity.

When I’m in the habit of demanding honesty within myself, I’m reminded that the only person who is responsible for who I am, is me. This removes the delusional reliance on other’s validation and empowers self-improvement. I gain strength in expanding my capacity and become less swayed by other peoples’ perceptions of me. Whether positive or negative, their opinions are theirs, not mine. And vice versa.

I’m not always able to maintain this head space, but when I do, I feel brave enough be open and exposed in the room. My goal becomes learning and growing, not gaining approval or validation. Afterwards, I feel enriched instead of drained. Yes, there are still many auditions I lose out on, but even when the result isn’t a job, I don’t feel that I’ve wasted my time.

The article, along with excerpts by other actors, can be read in full here.



Thanks to a tweet last night from the beauty herself, we know that Leah is headed to Washington to stand in solidarity for the rights of, as she so plainly put it, ALL American women.

Off to #WomensMarchonWashington to march for the rights of ALL you American ladies And I just need to be surrounded w #NastyWomen right now

— Leah Pipes (@leahmariepipes) January 20, 2017

You go, girl.